We are specialists in the development of the automation, based on the needs of the production process, adapted to the particularities of each industry and sector. It is our commitment to bring the latest technology processes and communications to the industry and make it a lasting and efficient production.

“If you have an idea, we take care of making it possible”

Having the leading manufacturers in this area makes it possible to any application.

Advise you on which are the most appropriate for each type of installation components, putting at your disposal a wide range of product within manufacturers renowned.

We are working on:

AC drives and starters and engines.

  • Variable speed drives for irrigation, sporting venues and bulges with letter multibomba, boot for large supplies of water management.
  • Variable speed drives for aggressive environments and Ateex.
  • Variable speed drives for applications in solar insulated.
  • Variable speed constant and variable torque standard. Starters for standard maneuvers.
  • Drives and starters reported and connected to the network with your production process.
  • Drives for heavy industry, mining, chemical, foundries…
  • Standard motors and special in any type of power and specification.