ELECTROFIL BADAJOZ SA is founded in the city of BADAJOZ, joining the network delegations of ELECTROFIL SA (founded in 1941), largest group of distribution of electrical material nationwide mid-20th century. The first location was in the Plaza de Castelar, in a small shop just 200 m2. Basic such as switches, plugs and fuse box of 6 amps of porcelain and craft manufacture, 125 Volt bulbs and products 25 W, copper wire tinned with cover rubber and cover cotton and braided presentation, round wooden tablets to support bases of plugs and switches, etc.

That same year:

Heardbreak hotel, first success of Elvis Presley
End the Spanish protectorate over Morocco.


Opens the first delegation, in the CÁCERES city, in a room of 1000m 2 in the street Arturo Aranguren, giving support to the province.

That same year: 

Nelson Mandela is jailed in South Africa


Opens outlet in VILLANUEVA DE LA SERENA, Chile Avenue, serving the whole of La Serena, in a bet that is defined in the agribusiness sector in. .

That same year:

Completes the construction of the Aswan Dam in Egypt
The Beatles are separated


Moves headquarters, and both head offices and warehouse of Badajoz are changed to the current location, in the Polígono El Nevero on a modern buildings of 5,000 m2, somewhat unique at the time.

That same year:

The Khmer Rouge taking power in Cambodia
Franco dies. Juan Carlos I is proclaimed King of Spain



Opening of a outlet in ALMENDRALEJO, in a ship on the Carretera de Badajoz, capital of Tierra de Barros. Wine-growing area of Extremadura.

That same year:

First democratic elections in Spain
Death of Charlie Chaplin



New outlet in PLASENCIA, Jerte, in the District of San Miguel capital. This opens the second outlet of the province of Cáceres, reinforcing the presence in the North such as the Valle del Jerte, Ambroz, La Vera and Las Hurdes.

That same year:

The Iraq-Iran Guerra, lasting 8 years starts
John Lennon he was murdered



Begins the journey in Mancha region, with the addition of the outlets of CIUDAD REAL and TALAVERA DE LA REINA. Two outlets Mancha belonged to date to Electrofil Madrid SA, part of the grupo ELECTROFIL SA. Its presence in the area dated back to 1965.

That same year:

Born the first compact disc


The outlet of Ciudad Real moved a new location in Ctra de Valdepeñas, a local of two plants with more 1000 m2

That same year:

Fall of the Berlin wall
There is the killing ofTiananmen Square in Beijing


Growing volume and the range of medium and low voltage products, store from Villanueva de la Serena moved to current address, in Cagancha polygon. More than two thousand m2 patio and private parking. New standard in the area will be marked.

That same year, the outlet of Talavera de la Reina moves in new facilities in Av. Francisco Aguirre, main artery of the city and full access for customers.

That same year:

Creates GPS
Die the Spanish scientist Severo Ochoa
Nobel prize in medicine


The outlet of CACERES moved to the Polígono Las chaplaincies, in a warehouse of over 1500 m 2 with parking and office area.

That same year:

Gets the sequence of the human genome
The airliner supersonic Anglo-French Concorde crashes after taking off from Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris (France). 109 people die


Change of company name, according to their areas to action and influence, is called ELECTROFIL West distribution SL. Already at that time, they are not more than three national companies belonging to the extinct ELECTROFIL SA group. Both the matrix and the other companies disappeared or were absorbed by other business.

The outlet of Plasencia opens new facilities, located in a large warehouse in the main industrial Avenue in the town, Av: Martín Palomino.

ELECTROFIL joined the group purchase PROMOSA, one of the largest groups of national electrical material distribution, belonging to the Group of European IDEE.

That same year:

Attack to the Twin towers of New York. 3000 people dead or missing


After years of consolidation, opens a outlet from the city of ZAFRA. This point of sale takes hold to support the rest of outlets from the province, strengthening service to all customers in the area south of Badajoz province.

That same year:

The Kyoto Protocol comes into force
Fernando Alonso becomes the first Spanish to win a formula 1 Championship


Given the influence of the northern area of Toledo, and the demand of customers of the comarca of la Sagra, is opening new outlet in NUMANCIA DE LA SAGRA. Located halfway between Toledo and Madrid, and with perfect access from the highway, serving customers in the two provinces.

Fiftieth anniversary of the company, with the celebration in Badajoz the I Symposium of the electricity sector, with attendance of more than 500 professionals in the electrical world, the University and the Administration.

This year the outlet of Almendralejo moved the Municipal estate, in a warehouse with 2000 m2, courtyard and all kinds of access and services for the electrical professional.

That same year:

Sadam Hussein, former President of Iraq, is sentenced to die by an Iraqi Criminal Court


With significant presence in the area, this year opens the outlet of TOMELLOSO. Important wine-growing and agro-industrial area. With this initiative, full coverage in the province of Ciudad Real is reached.

Celebration II Symposium of the Electricity Sector in Badajoz, with main theme energy efficiency, with the paper by professors and personality of the sector… 400 people attend the Conference.

That same year:

For the first time in history, China recognizes private property. The land of farming and the countryside, however, will remain in the hands of the State.


SIMPOSIUM III of the Electricity Sector, held in Cáceres. “Sources of energy and sustainability”. More than 600 attendees.

That same year:

Fall of the Investment Bank Lehman Brothers, beginning world the greatest economic crisis since the crash of 1929
Spain wins the UEFA


The outlets of Ciudad Real and Talavera de la Reina again improve in facilities. The first of moves to an emblematic building at the Av. De, with over 2000m 2, offices and training area, and the second has a modern construction in the polygon Los Alamos of Talavera.

That same year:

In the US, Barack Obama assumes the Presidency of the country, becoming the first African American President.


Start of the ENERGY EFFICIENCY DEPARTMENT. An exclusive Department was created to provide support in this area of business. Prescription, technical support, lighting, energy management

That same year:

Dubai opened the Tower Burj, the highest in the world, with 818 meters and 160 plants
Spain becomes first its history the world champion of football in the World Cup held in South Africa


New DEPARMENT OF INDUSTRY. Joins staff specialized in the industrial world. Automation, variation of speed, instrumentation, etc.

That same year:

It is produced in Fukushima (Japan) one of the most serious nuclear accidents of history since Chernobyl


PROMOSA Group joined the Group FEGIME, forming the largest independent group throughout Spain, with a market share approaching 20%, associated to the European Group of the same name with a presence in 18 countries. ELECTROFIL is a full member.

That same year:

Terrorist attack in Paris against the headquarters of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.
U.S. and Iran reached a historic nuclear agreement.
Hundreds of thousands of Syrians refugees mobbing the European borders, fleeing the war in their country.